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  Charity name: Ceres Kemback and Springfield Church

Charity No: SCO17442


         Easter 2018 Newsletter

Minister’s letter


Dear Friends,

As I write, we are well on with our Lenten journey. The word Lent actually comes from an old English word meaning   “Spring.” Spring?! Well, it certainly isn’t spring at the time of writing. I am nice and cosy in the Manse at Gladney (and very thankful to be here and not in the old St Andrews Road Manse!) but outside the snow is deep and still falling. There is a wind too and the snow is drifting. My car hasn’t been out in days and indeed will soon be just a white bump in the wintry landscape!

As I write, I have laid out my walking boots and my walking pole.  I am contemplating making the rather hazardous journey into Cupar via the old track from Moor Road…as the man said, “I may be gone for some time…”

Speaking of journeys, I have been re-reading the epic Biblical story of Exodus in the company of the former Chief Rabbi of Britain, Johnathan Sacks, via his wonderful book “Covenant and Conversation.”

Boy, Rabbi Sacks really earths this story in our world and its towering questions. In many ways, the story is our story at CKS. The Children of Israel have left Egypt – the past. They are heading towards the Promised Land but aren’t there yet. They are a people on the Way. They find themselves in the “in-between place” between a past to which they cannot return and a future which many of them find very threatening indeed. Rumours abound among the journeying Children of Israel. Some mutter (and in so doing seriously damage the morale of the community) that “..this new land is a dangerous place, full of Giants – full of terrors. We were better where we were.”  Others believe that the land is a good place – a fruitful place where they can really establish themselves as a People.

There you have two opposing ways of looking at the future – as a threatening place to be feared – or as a promising place to be embraced. Where do you stand on this as CKS looks to the future?

Things are changing indeed in our parish.  It is likely that the re-configuration of Springfield Church will be under way soon. A more flexible and well equipped worship space will offer new possibilities for worship, hospitality and mission.

As we look to the future, the session and I are committed to making sure that (fairly!) traditional worship continues week by week in our parish, but hopefully not with the same service conducted twice every Sunday!) However, it is my hope that before the end of this year we will have also established (not necessarily on a Sunday) a more contemporary (perhaps café style) of worship on a regular basis. Watch this space.

Yes, we, like the Children of Israel are on a journey – a journey towards hope. The Easter journey however, does go by way of Calvary. The Christian life is very much about dying to destructive and imprisoning ways of thinking, reacting and living. (This Lenten season is a good time to take a long and unflinching look at ourselves) There is a lot of baggage that we just can’t carry into the future! In our Common Life as the Church, there is much baggage that we can’t take with us,. Old ways of doing things and old structures that served a different generation in a different world are no longer working.  This is why, (just one example) as was explained in a previous newsletter, we are proposing that we move to the Unitary Constitution at this year’s AGM. (Sunday 18th March, immediately after worship at Ceres.)The congregation will be required to vote on this. (Sorry - no proxy votes or postal votes can be allowed)  A paper explaining this is being included on at least two Sundays in our printed order of service Please contact me if you need a copy. It will also be on the website. This will mean that more people – and just elders – will be involved at the planning stage as we look to our future.

Because ours is an Easter faith, we can, in Christ, look to the future as an exciting land of promise and possibility.


Jim Campbell.



Year of Young People

2018 is the Year of Young People – and is an opportunity for us to think about how we can be church together – and how we can involve, welcome and celebrate our children and young people.

Special services and a few seminars are being planned to help us explore this.

Saturday 24th March

Eugene Adams, our Youth Worker will lead a morning seminar entitled “Welcome To My World” about what it really is like for teenagers today.  Please contact Jim or I if you would like to come to this – it will be a great morning and starts with a short film.  It will be held in the Manse at 9.45 for 10am.

Saturday 9th June

A seminar will be held in the Manse at 10am to explore ways we can involve, welcome and celebrate our children and young people

It would be great if you could make these events!

Trudi Newton (0798 378 6985)



Food, Fun and Friendship for All Ages!

Messy Church meets from 4-6pm in Springfield Church and Church Hall on the third Sunday of the month (except May and December) 


          The upcoming dates are:

Sunday 18th March – on the theme of Narnia! Sunday 15th April

Sunday 13th May (please note – this is the 2nd Sunday of the month.) Sunday 17th June


Each month we explore a different Bible Story together.

Come and be creative, celebrate with songs and stories, share a meal together!

It would be great if you could come!

Children must bring an adult.

For more information, contact Trudi Newton (0798 378 6985) or

email: cksmessychurch@hotmail.com




Related image  All Age Easter Egg Hunt!

at The Manse, Gladney      Sunday 1st April @ 3pm

An Afternoon of activities and Easter Egg Hunts for all ages!

Children must bring an adult.


(Parking is limited – if you are able, please park out-with Gladney or use

The Church Car Park)

For more information, please contact Trudi Newton on 0798 378 6985



After Church Refreshments at Ceres: Thanks are due to Ella and her helpers for providing tea, coffee and pancakes/biscuits every Sunday. Many stay and enjoy fellowship and a considerable amount of money has been raised over the past year so thank you to all you have donated.


Planters at the Church Door at Ceres: Many thanks are due to the Aitken family for providing the planters and contents on display.


The Newsletter which has been delivered to you has involved quite a lot of effort – the printer, Anne Lumsden spends a morning running off about 1400 copies and then compiling them for all the staplers. It is then delivered to the distributers who in turn have their teams for delivering to your door. As you can see a lot of paper is used not to mention the ink for the printer and so any donations would be most welcome. Thanks also to the contributers.


Stamps: Many stamps have appeared in the box at Ceres Church. They have been sorted into foreign and British and sent off to Crossreach. So thanks to all who have popped bundles into the box.


Seasons of Ceres: As you will notice in the car park at Ceres, wooden frames and tubs have been placed at the end wall so hopefully by Spring an interesting display will appear to brighten up the car park.


Text Box: CKS Youth Group   The CKS Youth Group meets every Friday, in term time, at 7.00 - 9.00 pm in the Session House, Ceres.  If you are in S1 upwards, you are very welcome to come along.  It's a place to meet your friends and wind down after a busy school week!



Ceres, Kemback and Springfield Church

Minister:                                                Rev Jim Campbell                 01334829350                      Articles for Newsletter to:

Email:                                                     revjimashkirk@aol.com

Session Clerks:                                     Barbara Elder                       01334828837                      Editor: Janice Dewar

                                                                Elizabeth Lee                                                                        Lochmorn@aol.com           

Church Treasurer:                               Sarah Wood                          07758604769                                                                     

Clerk to the Board:                              Angela Brunton                    01334828671

Email:                                                     ckschurch@btinternet.com                                               Next Newsletter Deadline:

Website:                                                www.ckschurch.org

Church Officer Ceres:                         Ella Brown                             01334828431                      6 pm Thursday 2nd August

Children and Families’ Worker:        Trudi Newton                        07983786985                     

Youth Worker:                                     Eugene Adams                      07724372377




Heart and Soul comes to Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh on Sunday 20th May!

“a great way of bringing the church family together for an afternoon of entertainment and praise”.

(Heart and Soul website)

                Live music, arts, exhibitions, and a massed open-air service in the gardens' Ross Theatre all provide a really exciting afternoon! 

                With tents displaying what the national church and different churches across the country are up to, it’s a great afternoon to meet new people, share ideas and be part of a celebrating community of faith.

More information can be found on https://www.heartandsoul.org.uk/home

                On that Sunday there will be a United Service in Springfield at 9.45am – after which we’ll head to Edinburgh to join in the celebrations!

We may be able to hire a bus to take people down to Heart and Soul this year, if there is enough interest.  Please let Jim or Trudi know if you would like to go!



Visit to the Holy Land

western-wall[1]In January, we had the privilege of visiting the Holy Land. Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Nazareth etc names familiar from Sunday School days were all part of the experience.

We took part in 4 sponsored walks – the shortest being the evocative Via Dolorosa through Jerusalem city and the longest in the Hula Valley Nature Reserve.

Funds raised have gone to support Al Shurook School for the Blind in Bethlehem and Jell Al Amal Home and School for destitute boys in Bethany. Both are within Palestinian authority and are operating under very difficult political influences.

We would like to share a little of our experience with you, and invite you for a light lunchHoly Land style – on Palm Sunday (25th March) after the service in Ceres Church – no charge, no need to book – just come along! We would welcome your interest.

Ella Brown and Anne Hoggan


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Sanctuary@Ceres in the months ahead – now with Soup!!


Plans are now in place for our regular Sanctuary events to continue each month and the team has chosen themes around which readings and music will be selected.

Our first month of soup after the lunchtime Sanctuary turned out to be the coldest and snowiest day – thank you Ella – we really appreciated it! Soup will now be served to those who want it at 1.00 on the last Wednesday of each month after the blessing. This time of fellowship is really valued by those who attend. Tea and coffee will continue to be offered at both lunchtime and evening Sanctuaries.

Anyone interested in joining our team as a reader and/or who have suggestions for readings, music or focal points for meditation please contact Elspeth Salter on 01334 828624

Dates times and themes ahead:

March 28th 12.00-1.00  and 6.30 – 7.30 From a Dark Place (Holy Week)

April 25th    12.00 –1.00 and 6.30 – 7.30 The Desert Blooms

May 30th     12.00 – 1.00 and 6.30 – 7.30 Heart and Soul

June 27th     12.00 – 1.00 and 6.30 – 7.30 The Gathering

All are welcome – do come and join us!



            A Date for your Diary from CKS Guild:   Afternoon Tea

                        Saturday 2nd June 2018, Kemback Hall.




2741759137_5660c35764_z[1]CKS  Prayer Group meet on the first Tuesday of each month in each church in succession, to bring before God the needs and concerns of the parish. Requests for prayer can be made at any time via e-mail at cksprayergroup@gmail.com, telephone  07818360889 or request slips in church vestibules and all are treated in strictest confidence.

            Unfortunately the World Day of Prayer service had to be postponed due to the adverse weather, but it is hoped to hold it in the near future. This year it was written by the women of Suriname and celebrates God’s creation and our responsibility to care for it.

Refuge Fife

            A big thank you to all who have donated to Refuge Fife over the past few months.  Your contributions are very welcome.

            I am delighted to say that Re-Act Scotland (with whom we work in conjunction ) have acquired new premises in Falkirk and collections for the people in camps in Greece and the Middle East are back to normal. The overwhelming current need is warm winter clothing for all ages, new under-wear and new socks, sturdy footwear, medical supplies, toiletries, tents, sleeping bags, rucksacks, mobility aids, blankets, nappies, wipes, and school supplies.  We are also continuing to support humanitarian efforts in and around Calais where there are still a huge number of people living rough without adequate shelter or sanitation. We particularly welcome any padded coats in children’s and small/medium adult sizes for the Coats4Calais appeal.

            Refuge Fife holds donation days on the last Saturday of each month. Goods are collected and sorted in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Winifred Crescent, Kirkcaldy from 10a.m. to 2p.m.  Volunteers are always needed to help with the sorting.  The donations will now be taken to Falkirk where they are stored and then packed into large containers to be taken to the refugee camps. I am providing  a local collection point for donations and will take them through to Kirkcaldy on the Saturdays. 

            Please bring any items to Fossoway Cottage, Main Street, Craigrothie, KY15 5QA.  It is best to give me a call first.  Donations may also be collected by prior arrangement. For further information please give me a call on 01334 828284. Thank you very much.

Myra Todd


CKS Plant Sale

10 am – 1 pm      Saturday 26th May 2018

Ceres Church Car Park






                                                                                                           Bric a Brac                                               


        Craigrothie SWI Reports


President Joyce MacRae welcomed Balmullo rural to our business meeting.  They gave a very interesting report on Riding for the Disabled which meets at Drumcarrow Craig weekly.  This was followed by an excellent chocolate quiz! Competition results: Treacle Toffee: 1stMaria Cameron 2ndAlice Light 3rdMoira Hall. Bud Vase: 1st Maria Cameron 2ndMargaret Whiteford 3rdAlison Forret. Flower of the month: 1st Moira Hall 2ndAlice Light 3rdMaria Cameron


New Committee: President Joyce MacRae, Vice-Pres Alyson Reid, Secretary Alice Light, Treasurer Catherine Williamson, Press Sec  Margaret Whiteford, Competitions Norma Gibson, Tea Convenor Anne Dorward.

Members met up for a Xmas lunch & trophies were presented: Points Trophy: Maria Cameron, Bethune Rose Bowl: Moira Hall & Alyson Reid, Murray Cake Slice: Alice Light, Best Trier Trophy: Nan Arthur, Flower of the Month: Moira Hall. 9th January meeting Craigrothie Hall, Burns Supper, new members welcome. 


President Joyce MacRae welcomed members to a Burns Supper.  Entertainment included poems, verse & a quiz.  Competitions results:  Oatcakes: 1st Alyson Reid 2nd Maria Cameron 3rd Moira Hall. Tartan Corsage: 1st Moira Hall 2nd Alyson Reid 3rd Catherine Williamson. Flower of the Month: 1st Moira Hall 2nd Maria Cameron 3rd Meg Sloan


President Joyce MacRae welcomed members & after business  a few members gave 4 corner demonstrations on paper craft boxes, IT workshop, canvas needlework & flower arranging.  Competitions results:  Bowl Crocus Bulbs: 1st Moira Hall 2nd Maria Cameron 3rd  Nan Arthur. Item for a Dolls House:  1st Anne Clark 2nd Norma Gibson

3rd Margaret Whiteford. Flower of the Month: 1st Maria Cameron 2nd Nan Arthur  3rd Moira Hall





Dear Friends,

                There were many opportunities during Advent and Christmas for all ages to come together and to prepare for and to celebrate the birth of Christ. 

                The Lantern Walk was very special as people gathered to make lanterns and walk up to the top of Craighall Den where we had a time of storytelling!  It was quite a sight descending back down the den and seeing a line of lanterns progressing through the trees.  The afternoon was complete when we were met with mulled juice, refreshments and carol singing to welcome us back to the car park! 

                The Sunday School created a super nativity scene which formed the basis of a special All Age Christmas Celebration held in December.

                It was great to share in the Ceres School and Community Carol Service and a lot of fun was had with the story of Michael Mouse!

                 We had a wonderful Christmas Messy Church – and had a special visit from Santa!

As part of the Family Christmas Eve Service in Springfield, everyone made a Christingle to remind us of the Light of the World which came into the world as a tiny baby in Bethlehem.

                As I write this the snow is piling up outside, but we are aware too of the days beginning to lengthen.  And as they lengthen, and in this time of Lent, we turn our attention from the birth of Christ to Jesus’ journey towards the cross and the resurrection. And we will be journeying along that road in many ways during the coming weeks.

                In the schools, Jim and I will be involved with assemblies and class work, in particular working with a class in Ceres to produce a puppet script for their Easter Service to be held in the church.

At Messy Church we’ll be exploring Easter through Narnia stories!


The Children, Young People and Families Sub Group will be co-ordinating some of the following events.  Please see separate articles for more information:

  • Our annual All Age Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday!
  • Training events as part of the Year of Young People
  • The possibility of a Woodland Church or Workshop in the Summer Term. 


May God Bless us all as we journey on that road towards the joy of Easter morning.

Trudi Newton -  Children and Families Worker (Tel: 0798 378 6985 or email: trudijnewton@hotmail.com)




Deaths Nov 2017 - February 2018

13th November 2017: John Sturrock, Nether Rumgally,  Kemback

20th  November 2017: John Thomson, Westview, Blebo Craigs

23rd November 2017: Andrew Forsyth, Birkbrae, Blebo Craigs

27th November 2017: Ian McInnes, 4 Forbes Street, Edinburgh

11th December 2017: James Adamson, 7 Glenmoriston Drive,  Cairneyhill, Dunfermline

18th December 2017: Peter Farquharson, Archaidh,  Commerce Street, Cupar Muir

29th December 2017: David Brunton, Woodside Court Nursing Home, Glenrothes

                                                            (Formerly of the Maltings, Ladybank)

11th February 2018: Roger Caseby, Braehead House, Craigrothie



10th December 2017: Noah Novak Parry, son of Lewis and Tracey Parry of 20 Ardencaple Terrace,                                                                                                                                                          Dairsie.

24th December 2017: Jason Thomas Pinter Mulholland son of Francesco and Suzanne Pinter Smith c/o                                                   the Mulholland family at 11 Crawford Terrace Springfield.



Minister’s Extra Duties.

From Easter onwards, I am going to be rather busy! I am currently interim moderator of East Neuk Trinity linked with St Monans. Rev Peter Mills, formerly minister of St Monans has been designated  “locum minister” of the linked charge  since the linkage took place some nine months ago and therefore my duties have been very light.  However, Peter retires at Easter, so the job of interim moderator will become much heavier at that point. Our Presbytery Clerk Nigel Robb has been very helpful and has taken much of the pastoral load off my shoulders. (I will for example only be conducting two of the nine weddings that have been booked for 2018 in the linked charge.)

Nonetheless, I will still have to spend a fair bit of time “over the hill” chairing session meetings and dealing with at least some pastoral matters.  Once the charge has permission to call, (there are issues to be resolved re the current manse) I will need to be present for meetings of the nominating committee.

Also, on Sunday 15th April I will be inducted as Moderator of the Presbytery at an afternoon communion service in Ceres Church. (Details forthcoming)  I am honoured to be appointed to this role which will be for a year. In my time here, we have actually had three Sunday visits from Presbytery moderators. I intend to maintain this tradition of visiting and so there will be a few Sundays when I am away from our parish. (For example, I will be visiting Leuchars St Athernase on the 22nd April) Please bear with me. It will be good to get a wider picture of the parishes in our area – and I may even come back with some new ideas!

Above all, I would value your prayers at this time.

Jim Campbell.



Easter_Cross[1]Easter Services

Thursday 29th March: Springfield Maundy Communion at 6.30pm


Friday 30th March: Good Friday Meditations at Kemback 12noon – 3pm.

                                  Reading of the Passion: Ceres Church at 6.30pm 


Sunday 1st April: Hill of Tarvit at 8am

Springfield: Baptismal Family Service at 11.15

Easter Egg Hunt at 3pm in the Manse garden.




MESSY CHURCH continues to be very popular with families in the village. All ages take part in the activities which end with a meal all together in the church hall. The activities are all based on a biblical theme and include stories, music and songs, drawing and painting, drama and crafts. A whole lot of fun. The biblical theme for February was the Prophet Elijah. Messy Church depends on its hard working volunteers and participating families. Newcomers are always welcome.


DROP IN CAFE : The cafe, which operates in the church hall, is open between 10:30 and noon every Wednesday. Different kinds of coffee, home baking, biscuits and good company are all on offer. Tea as well, if that's what you prefer. There is a regular clientele and some newcomers to the village have already found it a good place to make friends. Join us on a Wednesday and be sure of a warm welcome.


SPRINGFIELD COMMUNITY TRUST : Led by Chairman Bill Logan, one of the Trust's main activities at the moment Is raising funds to acquire a defibrillator for emergency use in the village. It would be housed in the red telephone kiosk at the Cross. It could, literally, be a lifesaver. Fundraising of 60% has already been raised with generous donations from individuals, groups, businesses of all kinds and general well wishers. The EASTER PRIZE DRAW is the latest venture. It will be drawn on 30th March at 8:00pm in the Springfield Tavern. Again, very generous donations have been received and there are wonderful prizes. Hard working members of the committee, who also obtained the prizes, are selling tickets door to door, otherwise tickets can be obtained at Springfield Store. LITTER PICK UP: The area chosen was from the edge of the village to Clushford Toll. A gang of volunteers, all suitably dressed, set to work. Six large bin bags were filled from the road verges. Other areas will be targeted and volunteers will be needed. So much less work for other people if we put our own rubbish in a bin. AWARDS: 1. Jim Gales MBE, founder and Chairman of the Scottish Disability Golf Partnership has been honoured at a reception at the House of Lords. He received a Long Standing Service Award from the All Party Parliamentary Group on Golf in recognition of his work in helping to provide the opportunity for people with disabilities to take part in golf training and competitions. Jim has also been made an Honorary Life Member of SDGP, a registered charity. This has now become the SDGC to incorporate curling so that year round sports access is available for those with disabilities. Congratulations Jim. 2. Mr Bill Logan: The Howe of Fife Rotary Club chose Bill Logan, Chairman of the Springfield Community Trust as its Citizen of the Year 2017. He was presented with this award at the Club's Christmas Dinner at the Pitlessie Village Inn. Since its founding The Trust has raised over £150,000, all of which has been spent on improving the village's environment and facilities. Completed projects include the well used all weather path for walkers, push bikers and horse riders between the north of the village and Stratheden, also the refurbishing, modernizing and renewing of the equipment in Arthur Park. All this is of great benefit for sport and enjoyment. Provision of the annual Christmas tree at the Cross is the Trust's undertaking. We also owe the fine upgrading of the War Memorial to Bill Logan's persistence. Now it's the defibrillator. Well done Bill.

Jeanette Guy


PS. SPRINGFIELD SCHOOL Due to school closures there is no up to date information about the school's activities. We would like to send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mr Donald Gillespie, head teacher. We hope he will be fit and well and able to resume his duties before long. We send good wishes too to everyone involved in the school.  JG



Books for sale in Ceres Church: Thank you to all who have purchased the books as well as those who have replenished the stocks. Last year around £207 was raised from the sale – quite amazing!  Keep on reading. Ed.