June 2019:  News from the session:

Talks are underway to unite the Presbyteries of St Andrews, Kirkcaldy and Dunfermline as one Presbytery of Fife.

Our Presbytery mission partners Keith and Ida Waddell will be home from Zambia in September and will be visiting our cluster. We hope to host an event.

The General Trustees of the Church of Scotland are touring our Cupar Cluster of churches  (including CKS) on Tuesday  25th June to enable Presbytery to categorise our buildings  in terms of their future sustainability.

Thanks were expressed for all the hard work which has given us the beautiful new Springfield Community Church. The Gathering will now meet there every Sunday. Mr John McCurrach is now in place as centre manager in Springfield.

Thanks were given to Anne Hoggan and her team for the sterling work they have done and (impressive funds they have raised) in running the Monday Soup Lunches over the years.

The youth group is doing well and were due to have a BBQ in the manse garden on Friday 21st June. The group has now divided into junior and senior clubs, meeting on alternative weeks.

Jim Campbell’s tenure as minister of CKS runs out on 3rd March 2020. He will be seeking an extension from Presbytery to continue on until Sunday 28th June 2020 in order to complete his 25years in the ministry and 10 years in CKS.

There is ongoing discussion between our kirk session, the General Trustees  and the Ceres Community Trust. The CCT have expressed an interest in buying the Ceres Glebe to secure it for community recreational use.

Margaret Matthews was welcomed to her first session meeting since being ordained. Margaret’s role will be as prayer co-ordinator in CKS. Margaret reported that the prayer group is growing and she emphasised the importance of prayer for the life our church and especially so during this time of change.