Life Events

Life Events

A Church with the Community at its heart, at the heart of the Community

The Church of Scotland operates on a geographical basis, offering the services of religion to all who reside in a particular parish regardless of church membership or commitment.   The services of the minister are free to all who live in the parish or to church members resident elsewhere.   It may also be possible to arrange services for people with family connections, but please note that the minister does not perform “non-religious” services.   If you have an enquiry, please contact the minister

Baptisms and Blessings

We offer two types of Christening event in the Church of Scotland.

The first one is Baptism. Baptism is a sacrament recognised by the Church of Scotland. A sacrament is a sign of something that happens between God and his people.   In baptism, water is sprinkled over the head of the person being baptised.   This is a sign of a new beginning and that God is with us as the holy Spirit and is giving his blessing.

In the Church of Scotland, most people are baptised as babies, but you can be baptised at any age. In the case of children, the Church expects at least one parent or other close family member either to be a member of the Church or intending to become a member. Baptism of a child involves the appropriate adults making promises to give the child a Christian upbringing and to be part of the church family. In the case of adult baptism, the person themselves makes the appropriate promises.

The second type of event is a Blessing which is for anyone who wishes to bring their children to church, offer thanks and seek God’s blessing. There is no requirement to join the church or to attend regularly, but we’d love it if you did.

Our minister will be happy to discuss baptism or blessings with you and answer any questions you might have.


If you are a member of Ceres Kemback and Springfield Church, or if you live within its parish, you are welcome to be married in one of our churches. The minister will be happy to discuss your wedding requirements with you.

There is no requirement to be a member of the church, but it is worth remembering that a church wedding is an act of Christian worship. The minister is available to talk over these aspects with you.

There is no restriction on widowed or divorced people remarrying in the Church of Scotland. 


Anyone resident in the parish or members resident elsewhere may ask the minister to conduct a funeral for a loved one. Bereavements are very difficult, and the minister will offer pastoral support both before and after the funeral.

Funerals are arranged with the Funeral Director, but it is important to confirm the minister’s availability as well as the church’s availability. There is no set format for a funeral but he minister will guide you in what is right for you and help choose hymns, music and readings.

Funeral charges as of 1st September 2023 are as follows:

Use of the Church £100; Organist £69; services of Church Officer £70. 
When the funeral is for someone who was a member of the congregation, the family do not have to pay the use of Church charge.