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A Prayer for Peace in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and Israel

Dr Jane Barron writes 

"Rev Dr Mitri Raheb and I wrote this prayer together in his beautiful vestry in Bethlehem following the second Lebanon War in in 2006, and in the face of the on-going suffering of people in the Occupied Territories and Gaza. Mitri is the Lutheran pastor to the Bethlehem Christmas Church in the little town, and a Church of Scotland partner.  The then Moderator of the General Assembly, Very Rev Dr Alan Macdonald asked us to write a prayer together, to send to Scotland. I can’t reach Mitri at the moment, and so I thought I’d post this prayer. We may remember too our brothers and sisters in St Andrews Jerusalem and St Andrews Galilee. The words and heartfelt hopes in our prayer are as fresh today, as they were 15 years ago,  as all out war between Israel and Palestine may come to pass. May God have mercy, and may God bless the peacemakers."

A Prayer from Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Lord Jesus Christ,
born a little child in Bethlehem, 
forced to flee with a terrified family.
We pray for the people of this region, that
we leave a legacy of justice with walls
and war no more.

In Galilee you calmed a storm, gentling
fear and overcoming nature.
May the northern Lake and hills know
peace again.

Lord of beauty, you brought lushness
to Lebanon where trees stood tall and green.
Forgive us for scorching earth and flesh,
polluting the sea.

Help us re-build bridges where people meet
and new life blossoms.

In Jerusalem you turned power upside down
and overcame death.
May the power centres of the world recover
your miraculous powerlessness and new hope.


Rev Dr Mitri Raheb & Rev Jane Barron
August, 2006



After Psalm 19
The sky does it simply, naturally day by day,
The sun does it joyfully like someone in love
like a runner on the starting line
the sky, the sun, they just can't help themselves
no loud voices, no grand speeches
but everyone sees, and is happy with them.

Make us like that, Lord
so that our faith is not in our words but in our lives
passing on your love like an infectious laugh:
not worried, not threatening, just shining
like the sun, like a starry night,
like a lamp on a stand,
light for life -
Your light for our lives.


Kathy Galloway - Iona Community